What is 3rd Decade?
The 3rd Decade is 501c3 non-profit organization, founded to provide the financial education to young adults in their 3rd Decade® of life (20-30yrs old) who should have received this information in high school/college. 3rd Decade was created by financial experts to empower you to make good financial decisions. Along with providing you with possibly your first experience working with your own personal financial advisor. All at no cost, with no products being sold to you and unbiased information. I know you have this down below but I think we can say the no cost part twice.

Where is 3rd Decade located?
Our corporate office is located in Tucson, Arizona. We are an Arizona based organization with a national partner network. Which currently has other program locations in Tempe AZ, Flagstaff AZ, Denver CO, & Reno NV. We hope to partner with other firms in the future to bring our program to other locations nationwide. Click here to gather more information about becoming a partner firm.
We have partner firms all across the country to bring the 3rd Decade to you.

How long of a commitment is the 3rd Decade?
The 3rd Decade® is a two-year program. You will complete four classes that cover a variety of personal finance topics. In addition to the four classes, you will complete 3 one-on-one advisory sessions.

What demographic do you work with?
People of all genders,
ages 18-35
Income: Individual 35k to 75k or a household 35k to 120k

We believe that financial education should be easily accessible. We work with clients of all gender identifications and employ all genders. We are happy to accommodate if you have a female or male Financial advisor preference.

Do you work with individuals and couples?
Absolutely! Our focus is on working through your goals. Whether as an individual or as a team. We highly recommend couples who are sharing finances and/or are planning on sharing their life together into retirement to participate in the program together.(some state quote here) We would like to help you figure out what you goals are and help you reach them whether you are an individual or a team.

I want to sign up for 3rd Decade! How do I get started?
It’s easy to get started on your journey to financial wellness. Click here to fill out our online application.
Or Give us a call, and we will ask you some basic questions to understand your needs and get to know you so that we can make sure you are ready for this journey. Can we develop a quiz here that test to see if people are ready what kind of questions would that be?

What do I get when I join the 3rd Decade?
You receive 4 in-person educational classes (10 hours) plus 3 one-on-one advising sessions.

Classes Topics:
Managing Debt
Importance of Credit
Estate Planning
How to find a Financial Advisor?
Current Income & Expense Analysis
Student loan review
Credit Management
Retirement planning
Behavioral Finance

The process starts with a Discovery meeting, where you lay all your cards out on the table without any judgement so we can really understand your current financial situation. We always say we don’t care how you got there, we only care about where you want to go, and this first meeting gives us both a great idea where you want to go financially.
We will create a financial plan and make sure you feel supported through the process. Your advisor will check in with you after 6 months (you can always reach out to them before that time)
The following 2 years you will meet with your advisor to about your financial achievement and goals and receive a new Financial Plan.

What do you expect from clients/participants?
Willingness to share your personal situation. Desire to learn, improve, and grow. Being willing to put in 2-4 hours of “homework” (examples of this might include tracking your spending, reading articles, filling out a spreadsheet, looking into details on your workplace’s pension plan or 401k offerings, etc.) Most importantly, the desire to improve and the willingness to do the work required to make progress. You may need to invest 25-50hours throughout the full participation in the class and advisor meeting portion of the program.

What types of goals does 3rd Decade help tackle?
Comprehensive lifestyle, cash flow and expense analysis
Improving and managing credit scores
Employer Retirement Plan fund Analysis
Navigating credit card issues
Managing student loan debt
Recommending stage-appropriate saving and investing options
Retirement planning analysis and guidance
Building emergency funds
Will/Estate Planning recommendations However you will need to talk to a lawyer to complete these documents. And maybe use resources not recommendations.
Identifying critical financial and life goals and creating road maps to achieve them
Maybe a disclaimer about talking to their accountants and lawyers for tax and estate advice.

Are you going to try to sell me products or manage my money?
We don’t sell investment products and we don’t manage your money. What we will do is educate and empower you to help you do it yourself. We provide financial advice at no cost to you. We are available to address financial questions as they arise. And keep in mind that we are professional financial advisors who adhere to a fiduciary standard; our advice must put your interests first. It’s important to understand that the bulk of advisors in the financial industry are not held to this higher fiduciary standard. For more information, see Get Started.

What if I don’t live in a city where 3rd Decade is offered? Can I still join?

At the moment, you cannot, unfortunately, but your application will allow us to build the base in your city which will help us when we are trying to partner with other firms in your city. Which will allow us to hopefully bring our program to your city sooner. Please fill out our online application so that we can partner with a firm in your town and bring the 3rd Decade to you. (Need to reword this)

What if I already work with a financial advisor?
You can still go through the 3rd Decade even if you’re already working with someone else. Other participants have found great value even working with another financial advisor. We may need to see about a disclaimer here and maybe ask how other advisors work with clients when they have two advisors to add more here.

I love the 3rd Decade! How can I bring it to my company for my colleagues to enjoy?

Email scott.bennett@3rddecade.org to set up a call to learn more

What qualifications do 3rd Decade advisors have?
Our advisors go through extensive training where they learn more about the process to determine if the 3rd Decade is the right fit. All of our advisors have taken the Series 65 exam*, and many others are Certified Financial Planners (CFP)**
*The Series 65 is an exam and securities license required by most U.S. states for individuals who act as investment advisors. The Series 65 exam—known formally as the Uniform Investment Adviser Law Examination—covers laws, regulations, ethics, and topics such as retirement planning, portfolio management, and fiduciary responsibilities.
**Certified Financial Planner (CFP) is a formal recognition of expertise in the areas of financial planning, taxes, insurance, estate planning, and retirement. Owned and awarded by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc., the designation is awarded to individuals who successfully complete the CFP Board’s initial exams, then continue ongoing annual education programs to sustain their skills and certification.