Are You Eligible?

3rd Decade’s financial literacy class is comprised of three core components: education, advisement, and capital. The design provides education to empower your financial decision making.

Eligibility is comprised of the following:

  • Age between 18 and 35
  • Individual Income between $35k and $75k
  • Household Income between $35k and $120k
  • Employed Full-Time preferred however, Part-Time employees who earn over $35k is also considered eligible.


Not Technically Eligible but…

  • You have the ability to save
  • You’re ready to start and actively manage a financial plan
  • You’re ready to commit to attending the four financial literacy classes in-person and three advisory meetings over the course of the program

Empowerment is the foundation for all of our work.


As mentioned above, the three main components of our financial literacy class are Education, Advisement, and Capital. Click or Tap on each component to learn more about them:


Our financial literacy class curriculum uses best practices from the wealth management industry and taught by professional financial educators.

Four classes (10 classroom hours) 1 class a month for 4 months
Personal finance Topics include but are not limited to:
  • Budgeting & savings Review
  • Debt management
  • Investing
  • Housing
  • Taxes
  • Insurance
Classes are a mixture of lecture, video, hands on activities and resource presentation and a final exam

Advising Services

Unbiased fiduciary support that extends the program beyond the classroom.

A two-year relationship with a professional financial advisor to establish and manage your personal financial plan (spending, saving and investing plan)

  • Three 1:1 meetings (5 hours)
    • Initial Discovery meeting to uncover personal financial goals
    • Two progress meetings to support participants as they complete goals and…
  • Participants are eligible to earn a $1,000 contribution to their Roth IRA at the successful completion* of the financial literacy class (*100% participation in classes and advisor meetings and a passing grade on the final exam)
  • Participants agree to provide financial information annually for up to two years in order to track the outcome of the program


3rd Decade provides a $1,000 contribution for any graduate of the program.

  • 100% participation in classes and advisor meetings
  • Passing grade on the final financial literacy class exam

financial advisors at 3rd Decade




We are always looking to partner with like-minded organizations to further our work in educating young people to make smart financial decisions and change their lives.


Classes are held twice a year, in the spring and fall. We highly recommend early enrollment as space is limited and classes fill quickly. We have a great loose atmosphere where you come to learn these basic financial principles with like-minded people who are trying to do everything in their power to ensure their future is accounted for.


Enrollment for our upcoming semester begins November 1, 2019.
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